Let's Fight Corruption in Columbus

Look at the evidence. It is common sense knowledge that many of our institutions are riddled with corruption. We need to vote corrupt politicians out, starting right here in the Ohio State House of Representatives

We want to focus on the positive side of our politics. However, we think it's crucial to call out corruption when we see it.

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Image by Dylan Gillis

What's the Plan?

A History of Corruption

This is Sara Carruthers. She is the incumbent running to represent you in the Ohio State House. I never like to play dirty or degrade others. However, Sara has shown that she simply is not fit to represent the people. She has repeatedly sponsored unsafe bills that are contrary to my values and beliefs.


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My Promise to You is to always vote based on my morals, beliefs, and values. I pledge to only create and support legislation that will truly benefit the citizens of Ohio and of the 44th House District.