Let's Save our Planet

It's no secret that climate change is real, our planet is becoming warmer - and human activity has only worsened the state of our planet. Until this problem has been solved, it will be my Number One Issue.


I believe we need to create legislation that sustains existing renewable energy sources while creating good-paying jobs.

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Green Forest

What's the Plan?

Due to the impending danger that climate change presents, it is more important than ever that Ohio focuses on climate initiatives that help to protect and preserve our planet. If elected I would advocate to repeal House Bill 6 - the biggest threat to clean energy that Ohio has ever seen. HB6 is a corrupt bill that is destroying clean energy initiatives, propping up failed energy corporations, and using Ohio Taxpayer Dollars to fund non-renewable energy.

Nuclear power station

"The Worst Energy Bill of the 21st Century" ~Vox

"The Biggest Government Scandal in Ohio State History" ~ Cincinnati.com

My Promise to You

If elected, I promise to only sponsor, vote for, and advocate for bills that will help us save our environment. It's simple - if we don't take action to fight climate change, our other policy decisions ultimately mean nothing. We cannot afford to wait. We cannot afford inaction. The time for Ohio to embrace clean energy initiatives and environmental awareness is now.