Let's Invest in our Schools

I have a close relationship with the Ohio School System. I am a current Miami University student, and I've been through public and private school just within the past few years.

This level of familiarity with our school system allows me insight into modern-day issues. We need someone who experiences a school setting every day in the State House.

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What's the Plan?

As a student, one of my top priorities is education - I want to ensure that all students have access to a free and public education. If elected, I will strongly oppose the Backpack Bill. I believe in maintaining quality education in our public schools. Not only does the Backpack Bill put Ohio’s public education system in jeopardy, it also presents an unfair advantage to those in the upper and middle classes, leaving behind students from lower class families. We must invest in the Ohio public school system in order to provide fair, accessible education for all.

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My Promise to You

If elected, I promise to only sponsor, vote for, and advocate for bills that will help us protect Ohio's learning environment. Republicans are busy banning books in schools, while I'm busy fighting for the right to read them. We need to invest in our public schools while also allowing our private schools the opportunity to thrive. The time for Ohio to expand its education budget is now.