Let's Grow Ohio's Economy

I am focused on investing in and expanding Ohio's economy. We need to support small businesses and local economies - and make corporations pay their fair share. Currently, Ohio is one of only six states that have a zero percent Corporate Income Tax.


Together, we can bolster Ohio's economy by creating good-paying jobs and lowering taxes for the working class.

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Image by Tim Mossholder

What's the Plan?

Ohio's economy, along with the rest of the world, has taken a hit due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We need economic stimulation now. Corporations in Ohio right now are not contributing to our state's infrastructure. Once these massive corporations stop giving their executives raises and start paying state income tax, Ohio's economy will flourish. We need to introduce legislation that raises Ohio's corporate income tax rate. This will lift a tax burden off the backs of our working class.

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My Promise to You

If elected, I promise to only sponsor, vote for, and advocate for bills that will bolster our economy. Ohio needs to focus on the prospect of a competitive economy. Through the creation of new jobs by way of clean energy initiatives and infrastructure development, our state economy will continue growing and expanding.